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Many of our clients spent years contemplating whether to sell their rental property. We will evaluate your current portfolio, so you can make informed decisions, achieve your ideal outcome and save years of your life from contemplation.

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  • Are you looking to rid yourself of the responsibility of property ownership?

  • Is it time to reap the fruits of your labors?

  • Do you have a step-up in tax basis?

  • Are your heirs going to sell anyways?

Call today or set up an appointment to see if now is the time. 


Most owners in San Diego could be earning more on their equity by making adjustments to their portfolio. 

Discover what your current return on your equity is and compare that to what the return would be in various scenarios. Execute on the best one for you and your family.


Are you out of depreciation or need to save more money on taxes? Is deferred maintenance coming up on your building? Are you ready to graduate to a better location? 

1031 exchanges are a vital part of continuing to maximize your portfolio. We will show you what your return looks like now vs. what your options are with a 10 year projection. 

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Week 1 of Listing:

  • Collect data on the property + Compile market data

  • Present Broker’s Opinion of Value + Agree upon the best marketing price

  • Prepare Marketing Package 

  • Post to SDMLS + CoStar + Loopnet

Week 2 of Listing:

  • Advertise the property via direct Email and Mail campaign, advertising on Listing sites consisting of 200 syndicated multiple internet listing sites

  • Prepare Drone Video tour of the property, when applicable

  • Maintain + Follow up on all Inquiries

During the Duration of the Listing:

  • Present the property at the ACI sales meeting + Networking events

  • Advertise the property to the top brokers in San Diego

  • Follow up on email + direct mail campaign to top 300 likely buyers with a calling campaign

  • Compile + present all offers, negotiate counter offers, vet and execute the top buyer for the property

  • Manage the escrow with daily or weekly updates, depending on communication preferences until the property is SOLD.

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67% of rental owners who have owned for 10 or more years could increase their net cash flow by 31.3% by making adjustments to their portfolio.

Preserve your equity and retire off of a higher income than you are earning now, tenants and toilets optional.  

Learn more by clicking the link below!

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What is a NNN Lease? What is a DST?

Passive Income that's truly -- PASSIVE. 

A NNN lease is a lease where the tenant covers the 3 expenses: Property taxes, Insurance and Maintenance on the building. Multifamily owners can exchange into such a building with an existing corporate lease in place. Leases are typically 10-20 year agreements with built in rent increases. Examples include Dollar Stores, Fast Food Chains and Automotive stores. 

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), is a property which owners can 1031 exchange into and own a percentage of a building they would not otherwise be able to afford, such as an amazon warehouse or institutional medical office building. Similar to NNN leases, DSTs also have a lease in place which tenants cover all expenses. This is a great way to diversify your portfolio, as many investors choose to invest in multiple DSTs at once.

Both NNN leased buildings & DSTs are great for owners who want to retire out of multifamily into a truly passive investment vehicle that preserves capital and increases cash flow. This is an excellent solution for families who have kids of retirement age that appreciate inheriting the portfolio, but would rather not inherit a second job. 

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